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Waiver and Other Updates – Nov. 10, 2020

Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Dear Parents,

I wanted to provide everyone with a quick update as to where things currently stand with our application for a waiver to reopen our classes through 2nd grade.  Last Thursday we were visited by the County Department of Public Health and we were commended by them for all of our safety protocols and procedures in place for the school.   They commented that we were doing everything we could to ensure that our campus was as safe as possible and commend our families for being partners in this effort.

Yesterday we spoke with the health department office that manages the waivers and were informed that our waiver is in the final stages for approval.  We were told that they have completed all of their reviews and are now waiting for the final sign off by the head of the department in charge of these waivers.  We are hopeful we will hear about the waiver later this week and will be able to communicate further plans at that point.

As soon as the waiver is granted, it is our plan to offer additional opportunities for us to bring the remaining classes onto campus on a more consistent basis.  We have developed a plan that should hopefully provide us the option to bring our 3rd and 5th graders onto campus at least twice a week for an extended period of time going forward once the waiver is granted

There also exist some questions in the community as it pertains to a recent court ruling, Yavneh Academy v. Gavin Newson.  While the court ruled in favor of the Plaintiffs in this case, the final point in the judges ruling ultimately stated that the County has the authority to impose stricter regulations and all institutions must proceed pursuant to their orders, which in our case is the LA County Department of Public Healt

I hope that in a few days I will be able to share more information in terms of where things stand with the waiver and these additional opportunities.  I appreciate everyone’s patience as we navigate through this.

Thank you,


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